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Holistic Processing

Your placenta, preserved for the long term.  Be able to safely access the benefits of your placenta for months or years down the road.  Can be beneficial for the return of menses or even menopause.

Placenta Tincture $15

Hello curious placenta services seekers!  I have mostly retired from placenta work as I am now back in school full time pursuing my nursing degree.  I am taking very limited clients and only folks who desire express level services.  I am not able to provide 24/7 on call service or middle of the night (or even middle of class) pick up options anymore.  This also means that I no longer offer smoothie services. If you want a full service provider, I encourage you to hire Rachel Voigt or Cooper Orth.  Thanks to this amazing community for 9 years of families trusting me with this amazing responsibility.

Duluth Placenta Express $210


This is my most popular processing method and utilizes the principle that "less is more."  Your placenta is simply thinly sliced and dehydrated using a safe interpretation of raw foods principles in order to preserve the most nutrients and hormones.  The dried placenta is ground and put in capsules for you to easily take for your postpartum.  This method typically averages 160-200 capsules.

Duluth Placenta Express is perfect for a budget minded client, repeat clients or those who are only interested in capsules.  When you choose this express service level you will be shipped a storage and transport kit with detailed instructions about how to package the placenta safely.  You will follow those packing instructions and text The First Place on Earth with your last name, location, and the time your baby was born.  You will be responsible for keeping the placenta food safe until the scheduled pick-up time - always during regular business hours.  Your placenta will be professionally processed according to the highest industry standards and shipped to your home address.  Processing takes about 48 hours and I always ship next-day and insured.  With your capsules, you will receive a booklet detailing dosing instructions and offering other helpful postpartum information.   You may choose holistic or traditional processing and have the option of choosing a flavored or smaller sized capsule.  No additional add-ons are available with this service level.

This processing method borrows heavily from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The placenta is gently steamed prior to dehydrating to create a "remedy" that is warming to a new mother and more tonifying to her Chi.  Many naturopaths and osteopaths recommend this processing method.  Although steaming the placenta decreases the total amount of capsules (usually about 110-130), the pills themselves are believed to be more potent, so the dosage tends to be fewer capsules daily.

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