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Group B Strep and Placenta Encapsulation

Introducing Duluth Placenta Express!  A convenient alternative for the budget minded family.  $210 and your capsules will be shipped right to your door.

The First Place on Earth now offers an express service level.  Clients will receive a storage and transport kit in the mail prior to their due date.  When their baby is born they will package the placenta and schedule a regular business hours delivery.  Capsules will be shipped back to the client immediately after processing with an informative brochure detailing dosage expectations and including other postpartum resources.   This service level is for capsules only - no add ons available.  More details available on the FAQ page.

When you hire The First Place on Earth you can expect prompt placenta pick-up, immediate processing and your capsules shipped to your door!

The First Place on Earth has provided placenta services to just over 790 Northland families.  Choose a provider you can trust!

February 2015 coverage of The First Place on Earth in the Duluth News Tribune.

Placenta Encapsulation in the News



  • Faster Healing

  • Less Bleeding and Discharge

  • Increased coping skills

  • Gorgeous Hair, Skin & Nails

Jesse Dykhuis, APPAC

Your placenta is central to a natural postpartum plan.  Give your body the support it needs to ease your transition to parenthood. 

Triple Certified Placenta Arts Specialist (APPA)

  • Increased Milk Supply

  • Stabilized Moods

  • Increased Energy

  • Easier Bonding

Clients report:

Jesse works in a dedicated workspace designed specifically for safe processing.  High-level sanitation protocol keeps you safe.


Jesse Dykhuis is TRIPLE certified and has been providing Placenta Encapsulation services to Northland area families since 2009